Ghostwire Tokyo Sniper Trophy Guide: How to Get a 40m Headshot

Ready, aim, fire.

by Noah Nelson


Ghostwire: Tokyo is almost here and it has some pretty intense trophies to try and collect. One of them is the Sniper Trophy which requires you to get a 40m headshot with the bow. This is a hidden trophy unlike Take a Bow and Go For the Eyes. While there is no easy way to accomplish this, we do have some tips and tricks for you to get the trophy quickly. Here is how to get the Sniper Trophy in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

How to Get the Sniper Trophy in Ghostwire: Toyko

The city streets of Tokyo can be a cramped place, so in order to get a 40m clearance for the Sniper Trophy, head to any freeway or big street. Anywhere where you can get a straight and clean shot from 40m is ideal. Once you are in position, find some enemies. Of course, you’ll need to find enemies with a head to get a headshot for Sniper Trophy. Enemies with umbrellas are trickier to get this trophy on, but not impossible.

Once you have located a group of enemies to snipe at, go to your map and place a marker. With the marker placed, you’ll know exactly how far you need to be in order to get a headshot from 40m. Now comes the tricky part. You don’t need an upgraded bow for this trophy, but it could help since you might be using a lot of arrows.

Since the arrows drop over time, you’ll need to compensate by aiming above the enemy you have selected. Aim about an inch above the heads of your enemies to get the headshot. Don’t worry if you miss or hit the enemy’s body. At the distance you are at, they won’t be alerted to you or try to chase you down. If you run out of arrows, just visit a Shop Stall to buy more. They are located at many street corners. Just keep trying until you get the headshot and you’ll earn yourself the Sniper Trophy in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

And that is everything you need to know about getting the Sniper Trophy in Ghostwire: Tokyo. If you’re new to the game, you might want to check out how to level up quickly or how to complete the Zashiki-Warashi side quest. Whatever your desire, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Ghostwire: Tokyo guides for more. Happy hunting!

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available March 25, 2022, on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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