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Harry Potter Wizards Unite How to Battle

Find a fortress to do battle with enemies.

by William Schwartz


One of the unique mechanics in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is the ability to battle creatures and enemies in the mobile game. Doing so requires that you find fortresses in the game world that host these battles. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find fortresses, and how to battle once you are inside them.

To start a battle you’re going to want to either head for the big fortresses found on the map, but some smaller locations will feature battles as well.  You may have to walk to these locations that you see on that map to be able to enter them as you can only enter if in close proximity to the fortress or location.  Fortresses will allow you to tackle wizarding challenges and will let you select different runestones in your inventory to complete various challenges.  The game will then tell you exactly what you need to do to beat this challenge, how many foes you need to defeat etc.  Once the match begins you can then simply press your finger on the enemy that you want to battle.  In the case of a smaller battle, it will begin as soon as you enter.


Once you’re in a battle, you will then need to use a combination of attacking and defending to complete the battle.  Both of these have different mechanics, but there are some other things you can do while in a battle.

How to Attack


Attacking your enemies will be done with your wand.  You’ll need to touch the wand and then line up the circle with the circle near your enemy.  Doing this will then bring up the spell prompt which requires that you trace a line to cast the spell.  You can only cast spells if you have the required amount of Spell Energy.  If you don’t have spell energy you will need to use gold coins to get it.  There are other ways to get spell energy as well.  You can get more spell energy by using this guide.

Battling in Harry Potter Wizards Unite isn’t all about offense though, you’re going to have to defend as well.

How to Defend


During a battle the game will also prompt you to defend yourself.  This works pretty similarly to attacking, but you’ll almost always be using a quick directional swipe to cast the defensive spell.  When all else fails, you might need to either run away or take a potion to help you in battle.  In the case of running away, you can simply click the icon on the left hand side of the screen to run away.


And those are the basics of battling in Harry Potter Wizards unite.  For those looking for Fortress rewards, head to the big red buildings in your area and then begin the battle process.  For more tips and tricks on Harry Potter Wizards Unite, check out these guides on Which House to Choose and How to Add Friends.

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