Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Update Release Date, Banners, Leaks, and More

All aboard the Astral Express, the hype train with no brakes!

by J.R. Waugh
Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Release Luocha
Image: HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail is flying off the rails and across the stars in more than just the game, as it has taken off quite impressively within less than a month after its release. The base game has been lots of fun for players looking to get some turn-based RPG fun out of the latest HoYoverse creation. But as a live service game, it is only as enticing as the next new content. Honkai Star Rail 1.1 is coming, and upon its release, we’ll see brand new banners featured in the coming weeks!

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Update Release Date

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 is expected to release on June 7, 2023, after the Swirl of Heavenly Spear banner for Jing Yuan expires. This update falls in line with the current release pattern in that, along with the tri-weekly release schedule for new banners, we’ll get the first major patch for the game!

HSR 1.1 Banners

While the names for the upcoming 1.1 banners have yet to be fully detailed, they are tentatively being referred to as “phases” with the following headliner characters as well as predicted dates:

  • Phase 1: Luocha (Imaginary) — June 7, 2023-June 28, 2023
  • Phase 2: Silver Wolf (Quantum) — June 28, 2023-July 19, 2023

These characters featured above are the headliner 5-Star characters predicted for each banner, although Phase 2 will likely also feature Yukong, a 4-Star character. This is based on a number of leaks along with seemingly official posts from HoYoverse and prominent sources.

HSR 1.1 Leaks

Honkai Star Rail is not immune to leaks like any other game. Although sources indicate that the game’s developer has recently posted on Weibo regarding lore on the aforementioned Phase 1 and Phase 2 banner characters, we also have possible confirmation of a PS4 and PS5 release. This could mean that PlayStation console owners might get to crack into the game on June 7, 2023!

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Additionally, character leaks and speculation have seemingly been unstoppable, with certain names cropping up a lot. Take everything you see about these with a mighty grain of salt, but here is some of what we’ve seen so far!

On top of far too many tweets to be reasonably listed here for individual characters, it seems like future updates are also being leaked. These names coincide well with what’s surfaced from data miners, such as those listed below:

  • Lynx (The Abundance/Quantum)
  • Topaz (The Hunt/Fire)
  • Aventurine
  • Jingliu (The Destruction/Ice)
  • Argenti (The Erudition/Physical)
  • Dan Heng -Imbibitor Lunae- (The Destruction/Imaginary)
  • Phoenix (The Erudition/Fire)
  • Yee Sakura (The Hunt/Ice)
  • Misha (The Destruction/Ice)
  • Black Swan
  • Fu Xuan (The Preservation/Quantum)
  • Raiden Mei (The Hunt/Lightning)
  • Guinaifen (The Nihility/Fire)
  • Screwllum (The Erudition/Imaginary)
  • Dr. Ratio
  • Hanabi (The Harmony/Quantum)
  • Ren (The Destruction/Wind)
  • Hanya (The Harmony/Physical)
  • Xueyi (The Destruction/Quantum)
  • Hua
  • Huohuo (The Abundance/Wind)
  • Ruan Mei (The Harmony/Ice)
  • Luka (The Nihility/Physical)

If you’re playing, and hoping these leaks come to pass as true, you’re not alone! We’re excited by the prospect of this treasure trove of characters, and hope to see much more as the weeks and months pass beyond the release of Honkai Star Rail 1.1!

- This article was updated on May 10th, 2023

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