Honkai Star Rail Daily and Weekly Reset Banner Schedule Explained

Here's the schedule for daily and weekly events in Honkai Star Rail!

by Drew Kopp
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Honkai Star Rail burrows many gameplay mechanics from other titles in the free-to-play action role-playing genre, including a heavy focus on daily and weekly events. While some players may have enough free time to collect these timed rewards at their leisure, most will want to know when Honaki Star Rail‘s daily and weekly banners reset so they can claim them as quickly as possible. Since every second counts, here’s the daily and weekly rest schedule for Honkai Star Daily.

Honkai Star Rail Daily Banner Reset Schedule

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Much like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail is played on multiple servers that correlate to different areas of the world, which heavily impacts daily events. Thanks to research by dedicated players, it is now known that Honkai Star Rail’s servers reset at 4:00 AM local time. Here is a table of the three major time zones that Honkai Star Rail servers use. The table also shows how they compare to Coordinated Universal Time (or UTC), which can be used to calculate which time zone your local server falls under.

ServerDaily Reset Time
America/Global4:00 AM UTC-5
Asia4:00 AM UTC+1
Europe4:00 AM UTC+8

By participating in daily events, players can earn a variety of rewards. These range from various forms of currency that can be used to buy helpful items to Starblaze EXP, which can be used to upgrade and improve your characters.

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Honkai Star Rail Weekly Banner Reset Schedule

Alongside daily events, Honkai Star Rail also features unique weekly challenges like Echoes of War boss fights and warp events, which reward participating players with valuable customization materials like Light Cones and an opportunity to recruit new characters. Hontai Star Rail’s weekly events reset on Monday at 4:00 AM, so players who want to reap their rewards must earn them by Sunday at the latest. If they fail, they’ll have to wait until the challenge returns some other week.

- This article was updated on April 26th, 2023

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