Honkai Star Rail PS5 Cross Save: How to Link HoYoverse Account

Everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail's cross-progression on PlayStation 5.

by Thomas Cunliffe
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Linking your PlayStation Network and HoYoverse accounts together allows you to sync your Honkai Star Rail progress between the game’s PC, mobile, and PS5 versions. Whether you want to switch platforms entirely or seamlessly switch back and forth, this guide walks you through linking your PSN account to Honkai Star Rail and enabling cross-progression on PlayStation 5.

How to Link a PlayStation Network and HoYoverse Account for Honkai Star Rail PS5 Cross-Progression

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Chances are, you might’ve played Genshin Impact on PlayStation in the past. If this is the case, you’re already good to go. As long as you use the same HoYoverse account for Honkai Star Rail, your PSN account and HSR progress will automatically be linked. If not, continue reading!

To link your existing Trailblazing journey, select Already have an account, log in directly when you launch Honkai Star Rail on PlayStation 5 for the first time. Then, simply log in with your HoYoverse details and follow the on-screen instructions.

In summary:

  • Launch Honkai Star Rail on PlayStation 5.
  • Choose Already have an account, log in directly
  • Enter your existing HoYoverse account details
  • Jump back into your Trailblazing adventure

How To Link PSN Accounts if Not Given the Option to Log In Directly

  • Honkai-Account-Settings
  • Honkai-Account-Center

If you didn’t have the option to select that you already have an account, things get a little more complicated. Play the tutorial until you have free reign of Kafka, then press the Start button and navigate to Account Settings. Select Link Account and create a HoYoverse account with a throwaway or spare email.

Note: If you play Genshin Impact on the same PlayStation Network account, we do not recommend attempting this.

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Then, log into your temporary account on an internet browser. Click Account Security Settings and then Unlink your PSN account. This will disconnect you from Honkai Star Rail and force the Already have an account, log in directly screen.

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Why Can’t I Play on a Different Region’s Server?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Unlike the PC and mobile versions, you can only play Honkai Star Rail on the same regional server your PSN account is set to. Character progress is directly linked to the server you initially chose — if you play on a server outside your region, like me, you won’t be able to transfer your progress from other platforms.

As someone in Europe who plays on American servers to join my friends and colleagues, this means that I’ll need to start over in order to play on PS5. I can still link my Hoyoverse account to PSN, which I did to play Genshin on EU servers, but I now have two separate HSR characters.

Image: Sony, Attack of the Fanboy

The PS5 version of Honkai Star Rail also only supports America, Europe, and Asia servers. Progress from the TW, HK, and MO servers can’t be transferred. To figure out which server you’ll be assigned to, check out the official chart above.

What Data Transfers Between PS5 and Mobile/PC Versions of Honkai Star Rail?

Everything! Once linked, your progress is shared between all platforms. If you want to play Honkai Star Rail on your mobile on the train and continue talking to trash cans on your PS5 when you get home, you absolutely can.

This also includes premium purchases, like the Battle Pass and currency. Once you’ve bought something, it’s always available on every platform you play. This is great for things like Google Play Rewards or when receiving gift cards from your very confused grandma.

Why Do I Have Two Friends Lists in HSR?

While the PC and mobile version of Honkai Star Rail only has a single friend list, the PS5 version has two: the regular Game Friends list that syncs between all platforms and PlayStation Network Friends, which are, well, your friends on PlayStation Network.

If you switch between platforms often, remember to add your PSN friends to the regular Game Friends list to keep in touch and help each other out in fights.

Is Honkai Star Rail Different on PS5 vs Mobile and PC?

Besides the friend list and standard console features like screenshots, Honkai Star Rail on PS5 is identical to the PC and mobile versions. The game receives updates simultaneously, meaning there’ll never be issues with cross-progression or fear of missing out on exciting banners.

If you’re returning to Honkai Star Rail with the PS5 launch, refresh your memory with our guides on the best 5-star characters and light cones to look out for. We also have an article on HSR’s hidden quests with intriguing secret rewards.

This guide was written while playing Honkai Star Rail on PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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