Horizon Forbidden West Cradle of Echoes Code: Where to Find Locked Door Code

What was the number from the distress signal?

by Elliott Gatica


Horizon Forbidden West, funnily enough, presents players with a handful of locked doors that requires codes to get into. You won’t necessarily have to pay attention to remember these codes since they’ll always be in your Notebook upon acquisition. For players who just want to get these out of the way because they want a more linear or streamlined experience of the game, look no further. Here is the locked door code for the Cradle of Echoes main quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Cradle of Echoes code in Horizon Forbidden West

To simply put it, the code needed during this main quest is 237. This number was mentioned before taking on this mission. As you go through the many objectives before needing to do this, this will be recorded in your Notebook.

Right as you get to the “Examine the Console” portion of Cradle of Echoes, you’ll then need to enter it. The announcing voice from the console will tell you something about there being 236 containers in storage. “Please enter the container number you’d like to retrieve.” That’s one below that correct value, but even though this, there are subtle reminders of what the code is.

Varl will also remind you that there was a number from the distress signal from earlier. You don’t have to do this part if you remembered it, but for completion’s sake, this code is in your Notebook under the Text Datapoints section. This can’t be missed either since it’s part of the Quests part.

It’ll read that the Data Corruption is minimal with the coordinates 37°55’39.9”N 116°27’02.4”W 237. BEWARE. This is just one of many other Text Datapoints with important codes to enter when it comes to other areas of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and 5. A free next-gen upgrade for the PS5 version is available for people who bought it for the PS4.

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