Horizon Forbidden West: How to Hide Headpiece

Sometimes you just have to hide the helmet.

by Diego Perez


Some of the headgear and helmets in Horizon Forbidden West look a bit silly, but thankfully, the game allows you to hide the headpiece on every outfit and armor set in the game. It’s a really simple change and you don’t lose any stats or bonuses by doing it. There aren’t many other ways to customize the various armor sets in Horizon Forbidden West (other than dyes), so being able to choose if you want to show off your helmet is a nice touch. Here’s how to hide your headgear in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Hide Headpiece in Horizon Forbidden West

To hide your helmet in Horizon Forbidden West, pause the game and navigate to the Settings menu. Then, scroll to the very bottom of the General section and switch the Show Headpiece option to Off. This will hide the headgear of your equipped outfit. This does not affect your armor’s stats or abilities, and you can change the setting back at any time if you want to show off your headpiece after all.

Horizon Forbidden West has plenty of unique armor designs, including a few outfits that can only be obtained as pre-order bonuses, but not all of them have great-looking helmets. Strangely, some outfits, like a handful of the Oseram armor sets that feature bandanas, cannot have their headpieces removed even if you change the option in the game’s settings, but all of the large helmets and hats included with other outfits can be hidden.

Keep in mind that the Show Headpiece option affects all of the armor sets in your inventory and in stores, not just the one you currently have equipped. That means you won’t see the headgear of new armor sets when browsing for new outfits at a Stitcher, so be sure to switch it back on if you’re wondering why no new outfits seem to have helmets anymore.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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