Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.53 Patch Notes

Horizon gets 60 FPS support on PS5.

by Diego Perez
Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition PC

Update 1.53 has arrived for Horizon Zero Dawn, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This update adds 60 FPS support to Horizon Zero Dawn when played on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility. There aren’t any changes for PS4 players. This update is currently rolling out on PS5, so you can expect to see it in your download queue soon. Here’s everything new with Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.53.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.53 Patch Notes

According to the PS5’s built-in Update History feature, here are the patch notes:

  • Unlocked framerate to 60 frames per second when running on a PS5 console in backwards compatibility mode
  • Fixed streaming performance issues when running on a PS5 console in backwards compatibility mode
  • Removed Graphics Mode option from the Visual Settings when running on a PS5 console in backwards compatibility mode

As stated above, PS5 players can now play Horizon Zero Dawn at 60 FPS in backward compatibility mode. Considering many players either already own Horizon Zero Dawn or received it for free during Sony’s Play at Home campaign earlier this year, this is a nice surprise for a lot of PlayStation owners.


This update also removes the Graphics Mode option from the settings menu, a holdover from the PS4 Pro version of the game. On PS4 Pro, players could choose between a checkerboard 4K resolution targeting 30 FPS or 1080p resolution that still targeted 30 FPS, but with fewer frame drops. The game ran smoothly on both settings for the most part though. Neither option offered 60 FPS, either.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not the first game to receive a 60 FPS patch on PlayStation 5. Days Gone had 60 FPS support on the PS5’s launch day, and God of War and Ghost of Tsushima received free updates to enable 4K 60 FPS gameplay. The Last of Us Part II also received a 60 FPS patch recently. These aren’t dedicated PS5 ports like Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut or Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but they’re a nice bonus.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.

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