How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Fortnite? Fortnite Age Rating, Explained

Are you old enough to play?

by Kara Phillips
Image: Epic Games

One of the main things players praise Fortnite for is how accessible it is for all ages, and with the title being Free-to-Play, it’s more often than not going to be an excellent alternative for younger players who aren’t able to purchase their own games just yet, while providing a great opportunity to play with any friends who might also have the game downloaded.

But, any games that involve any form of violence, regardless of how humourous and creative it can occasionally be in Fortnite, come with an age rating, and it’s essential to keep this in the back of your mind if you’re being questioned whether or not a young gamer is allowed to play. Luckily, Fortnite is honest about its age rating from the get-go, so read on to discover whether or not it’s suitable for your gamer.

What is the Age Rating For Fortnite?

Fortnite suggests that all participants are to be aged 13+, resulting in a T rating for Teen. This is down to the mild violence within matches, despite how cartoonish and comedic some weapons are throughout each chapter and any in-game events. That said, it’s not uncommon to meet younger players within matches due to the accessibility of the game across every platform and the lack of upfront cost.

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But to make the age rating slightly less daunting for older players or guardians, there are multiple ways you can protect the account of a younger gamer by limiting any potential purchases through the item shop or the ability to talk to other active players during matches. All parental controls can be accessed and implemented by opening the main menu, selecting PARENTAL CONTROLS, and inputting a pin that will lock or restrict certain elements.

So while Fortnite might be available for a vast range of ages, it’s best to acknowledge why certain elements are restricted and how you can apply them if you’re letting a younger gamer play.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023