How Old is Frey in Forspoken? Answered

Age is but a number.

by Noah Nelson

Frey is the protagonist in Forspoken, a new action/adventure RPG from Luminous Productions. If you are wondering how old Frey is, you’ve come to the right place. These big fantasy adventures usually feature younger people, but how old is Frey in Forespoken?

How Old is Frey in Forspoken? Answered

Frey is 21 years old in Forspoken. As confirmed in the in-game archives, Frey is revealed to be 21 years old. This is important narratively but also because Frey drinks alcohol at the bar in Athia several times. Since the legal drinking age is 21 in the United States, where Frey is originally from, she is legally allowed to drink.

Frey is an orphaned child who has never had anyone in her life to lean on. Though she was eventually adopted, Frey’s adopted parents don’t appear in the story of Forspoken at all. As we can gather from Frey’s jaded personality and selfish, questionable actions, Frey has pushed everyone out of her life. She doesn’t have any support systems and has trouble with the law.

Without spoiling the events that happen in Forspoken, Frey eventually ends up in Athia because of a serendipitous encounter with Cuff, a magical talking bracelet. When this happens, the story of Forspoken really gets going.

Part of the narrative of Forspoken is Frey discovering who she is. Through the events that unfold as you progress through the game, unlocking shaded parts of the map and fighting Tantas, Frey discovers her purpose.

To reiterate, Frey is 21 years old in Forspoken. Only time will tell if Frey will be older in a potential future Forspoken sequel. For now, you can enjoy Forspoken for what it is. Oh, and if you really want to enjoy the game, you should do these four things as soon as possible.

Forspoken is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.