How to Appear on a Talk Show in BitLife

Discover how to appear on talk shows in BitLife

by Kara Phillips

The various paths you follow in BitLife will unlock a selection of new activities which would remain locked otherwise, but you never know how to make the most of them until you follow the right path. For example, becoming famous seems completely out of the question in real life, but it’s completely achievable in BitLife if you know how to get your name out there. Once you’ve reached a certain level of fame, you’ll have the opportunity to mess around with a new menu of activities to promote your character, and talk shows are just one piece of the puzzle.

Can You Appear on a Talk Show in BitLife?

To appear on your first Talk Show in BitLife, you need to have a certain level of fame first, which entirely depends on which career path you decide to follow. There are several careers within BitLife that provide your characters with the opportunity of becoming famous, such as a musician or a chef. However, you’ll still need to put the work in by writing books, posting on social media, and taking part in commercials. Once you become slightly famous, go to the activities tab and select the Fame option. From here, you’ll be able to engage in several celebrity-exclusive activities, one of which is Talk Shows.

It’s essential to note that only some talk shows will accept your appearance. You may have to jump through some hoops and continuously work on your fame stat before you can appear on your first show. If you’re looking to complete the Hells Kitchen challenge, you will need to appear on several talk shows to complete the challenge, so you should expect to devote a lot of time toward increasing your fame if you want to succeed. Joining social media is the best way to increase your popularity quickly if you’re looking to save time getting yourself known.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on January 16th, 2023

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