How to Beat Squid in Sonic Frontiers

One of the most challenging bosses at the beginning of the game

by Christian Bognar

Our blue friend is back for another adventure in Sonic Frontiers, and this entry is, without a doubt, the most ambitious Sonic title to date. With a sprawling open world, there is tons of content to keep players busy for hours. This includes puzzles, quests, and, most importantly, bosses. Some of these bosses are challenging, and one of the toughest ones is the Squid boss. If you are having trouble defeating this boss, look no further, as we will provide you with a strategy to take down this flying monster.

Strategy to Beat Squid

Like the Asura boss, the squid requires a strategy instead of spamming attacks. To activate this boss fight, you have to get in the line of sight of the squid triggering a short cutscene, allowing you to jump on its long tail. Once you are on the tail, the fight will begin. It would help if you raised Sonics’ speed before beginning this fight to make it easier but not mandatory.


Squid has one main attack during the first phase as you make your way to its head. It will shoot electricity balls toward you, which you need to dodge by moving right to left. The game makes it simple: you must push on the analog stick in what direction you need to go. Don’t worry the game prevents you from falling off.

While you are dodging the electricity, you will want to hold your finger on the dash trigger and try to close the distance between you and the squid’s head. Along the way, keep an eye on your stamina. Once it is almost depleted, let go for a second, allowing it to recharge.

Keep this up until you get close enough to make an attack move on the squid’s head. You will know you are close enough when you see a lock-on indicator, and when you do, hit the attack button, bringing you to a new phase of the fight.


This phase is a bit trickier, as you are now on a face-to-face platform with the squid. The squid has a couple of attacks here, including swinging his arms and using a shield to prevent you from successfully landing hits. Use the dodge button when he swings, and with the shield, speed around him until the shield goes away, and then spam the attack button.

Afterward, you will be brought back to the tail, where you must do the whole process again. If you do all this correctly, without taking a lot of hits, it should take you three times to destroy his health bar successfully. If you are still having trouble taking this flying enemy down, consider increasing Sonic’s attack and defense power, giving you a massive advantage in the fight.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 8th, 2022

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