How To Become A Crab Fisherman in BitLife

Everyone's dream job!

by Kara Phillips

Starting a new life in BitLife can be fascinating, especially since you don’t know what’s in store for your character. While there’s the excitement of watching them grow and make friends (and enemies), you will eventually be faced with the decision of which career path to take. Of course, there’s the opportunity to do something wealthy and glamorous, but have you ever considered taking on a real challenge? Becoming a Crab Fisherman may not immediately spring to mind when considering your career, but it has its perks. So, if this is a challenge you’d like to take on in your next life, read on.

How to Pursue the Crab Fisherman Career in BitLife

To start your journey into becoming a crab fisherman, you must be 18 or older since the position is a full-time career. Luckily this career doesn’t require further education or university, so you can start working towards it as soon as you are of age, but you’ll need to select the Greenhorn option from the occupation list since Crab Fisherman is a position you will have to work toward. If you can’t find this position immediately, you can close the app and re-open it until you can select and apply for the role.

From here, you’ll be able to work your way up to Crab Fisherman and eventually Captain by working hard and dedicating a lot of your time to work. However, the more time you devote to work, the more likely you will sacrifice relationships and friendships with people you’ve met outside your career. So, when you can, it’s crucial to spend time with loved ones to maintain your relationship with them. In addition, the harder you work, the more likely your character’s happiness decreases, so be sure to take some time for yourself. But, since you’re working so hard, you’ll more than likely have some expendable income to treat your character with.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023