How to Become a Detective in BitLife

Become the worlds best detective in BitLife!

by Kara Phillips

Choosing your future career in BitLife is essential for every player at one point or another, and the steps you take while you go through the education system set you up nicely for the future. As you grow alongside your character, you will decide whether they will dedicate their attention to studies or if they would rather spend their time making the most out of life. If you are looking to pursue a Detective career during your next life, paying attention in class is essential, and there are several integral steps to take before you can take your first steps in the field. So read on to discover how you can become a detective in BitLife.

How to Follow the Detective Career Path in BitLife

Your journey toward becoming the world’s greatest detective begins when your character has their first day at school. Although several careers require little to no education, such as becoming a Roadkill Remover, the path of detective requires you to commit to your studies since you will need to go to college once you finish. During college, you must continue to study hard since you’ll apply to university to study something that will result in being able to go to Law School, such as Political Science or Law. Once again, it would help if you continued to commit to your studies and frequently visit the library to keep your smarts stat high before you graduate.

Once you’ve graduated, you will need to go to Law School, which mirrors the same path you’d follow if you wanted to become a Lawyer, but you can take education slightly easier since having a high smart stat doesn’t come with any additional bonus this time around. Once you’ve completed Law School, you should keep an eye on the job listings and apply as soon as something becomes available in the Police Force. As you work your way up through the force, keep an eye on potential Job openings for Jr Detective, and apply as soon as possible.

It will take a while to work your way through the positions from Jr Detective until you become a fully-fledged Detective, but given you are still committing to performing well for a few years; you’ll be able to commit to the career in no time. This is an essential step for players looking to complete the Death Note Challenge, so it’s best to start as soon as possible!

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2022