How to Complete the Death Note Challenge in BitLife

Become the new Kira

by Kara Phillips

BitLife is renowned for collaborating with popular TV shows and films to create fun and engaging challenges for players. However, while most of these challenges captivate the fun and wholesome side of BitLife, occasionally, they will be based around some dark themes, which is precisely where the Death Note Challenge comes in. So if you’ve thought about what it would be like to be the holder of the Death Note and every consequence it may come with, then this is the challenge for you. So read on to find out how you can complete the Death Note challenge.

How To Successfully Complete the Death Note Challenge in BitLife

There are five steps you will need to take before completing this challenge, all relating to the anime. So, if you are particularly familiar with the show, you’ll understand each step’s references. Firstly, you’ll need to be born a male in Japan and focus on maintaining 100% Smarts through school. This is similar to becoming a lawyer, so it can be done by studying hard and making sure all your time is dedicated to exploring and academic activity rather than anything else. Then, once you have completed school and college, you will need to focus on becoming a detective.

To become a detective, you’ll need to graduate college and apply to University to study Criminal Justice. Since you’ll have spent much time on your smarts stat during school, getting into University will be a breeze, and you should be accepted immediately. Continue to work on increasing your Smarts throughout University, and when you graduate, you will need to go to Law School to continue working toward becoming a detective. Once you have finished law school, get a job in the Police Department. As you progress through this position over a few in-game years, the opportunity to become a Jr Detective and work your way up over ten years.

Once you’ve secured this position, you’ll need to turn your co-workers from your friend into your enemy. As you work your way through the role, you’ll befriend many people; it doesn’t matter which one you select to convert. You can become close by giving compliments and gifts and completing activities together as you would with any friend. Once you’ve become best friends, you can go into your relationships menu, select your best friend, and quickly turn them into your enemy. This will deplete your entire relationship bar, so make sure it’s someone you don’t mind sacrificing your friendship with.

After you have followed all those steps, it’s time to put your killing skills to the test. The final step for this challenge is committing ten in-game murders. These can be anyone you know, including family or any of the random prompts BitLife gives you, and you can also try any of the potential methods. However, each murder method has varying success, and you must escape with no consequences to complete the challenge. Once you’ve committed ten murders, the Death Note Challenge will automatically be completed.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2022

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