How To Breed Axolotls In Minecraft

That's an awful lot of Axolotls!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Mojang / Attack Of The Fanboy

Even though Axolotls aren’t the newest mob added into Minecraft, it still seems that they may be one of the most complicated to breed in the long run. As adorable as they are, it seems that gamers would like to have more in their lives, so breeding these magnificent creatures is quite appealing. But, what will gamers need to do to finally get these lovely creatures together to start having babies of their own?

How To Easily Breed Your Axolotls In Minecraft

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The first thing that gamers will need to ensure that they have accomplished is building a small farm for them to roam around in. While the one in the photos above is quite small, it still gives these lovely animals a fair bit of room to roam around in. After this, gamers will need to get their hands on a Bucket of Tropical Fish.

As we have recently covered how to make a bucket in Minecraft, gamers should jump to that page and craft a bucket of their own if they haven’t done it already. Players may need to get two buckets to ensure that this process can go rather smoothly, as each Axolotl will require a bucket of fish to get themselves ready for action.

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Players can use the freshly crafted bucket and head towards the water to see if they can track down some tropical fish. Players will likely have the most luck searching in oceans or caves for these exotic fish. Once players have spotted a few, jump into the water with your bucket in hand to get some fish by snatching them up.

Once this process has been completed, return to your Axolotls and dump the fish directly into their pen, and wait for them to eat them. After this, you will see some small hearts appearing over their heads, and after a few minutes, a new addition to the family will be in the pen.

Players may want to craft some fireworks to celebrate their victory, especially if the Axolotl is their favorite animal. Now that players have mastered this art, they’ll be ready to take on just about anything that Minecraft can throw their way. Get ready to take care of plenty of new animal friends, including the Sniffer, in the latest Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot and 1.20 Beta release.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023