How to Complete All The Herald Quests in Fortnite

Complete these quests to unlock the Herald skin!

by Michelle Cornelia

This has been an exciting week for Fortnite players, as there are various new quests with attractive rewards waiting to be unlocked. From the Skywalker Week challenges, Chrome Punk quests, and Horde Rush quests to The Herald quests. Unlike other quests, The Herald quests are special because players will be rewarded with an exclusive Herald skin and many other freebies upon completion! If you’re looking for tips to get these rewards, here’s how to complete all The Herald quests in Fortnite.

How to Complete All The Herald Quests in Fortnite

Damage opponents while Chrome-ified

Reward: Banner Icon

Damaging opponents while being Chrome-ified is one of the Herald quests you must complete. This quest is relatively easy, as you only need to find a Chrome Bomb to throw at your opponent before damaging them. You can land at the Chromejam Junction, Herald’s Sanctum, and Shimmering Shine to increase your chances of grabbing a Chrome Bomb.

Eliminate opponents

Reward: The Herald’s Leer

The next quest, eliminating opponents, is relatively easy and can be done in one go. You can try to land in well-known hot spots, such as Rocky Reels, Tilted Towers, and Chrome Crossroads. Like a double-edged sword, these places usually spawn high-quality loot, but at the same time, you may run into more experienced players here.

Ignite structures

Reward: Epitaph Edge

To ignite structures, you will need to use Firefly Jars. They’re usually relatively easy to spot, but some places like Shiny Sound and Chrome Crossroads may spawn them more often.

Tame Chrome-ified wildlife

Reward: Fading Ember Cloak

Like damaging Chrome-ified opponents, taming Chrome-ified wildlife requires you to throw the Chrome Bomb at them first. Once they are Chrome-ified, you need to jump on their back to tame them.

After you’ve done all of these four quests, you’ll get to unlock The Herald Page 2, which contains the variant outfit of The Herald, wrap, emoticon, emote, and loading screen as the rewards.

Destroy objects with the Explosive Goo Gun

Reward: Reality’s Master

Getting the Explosive Goo Gun requires some luck since it is a random drop from either regular chests or Chrome-ified chests. Sometimes, you may be lucky to find one lying around in various places on the map. Once you can get your hands on one, you need to destroy objects with it, such as buildings, walls, and even furniture.

Eliminate opponents at airborne locations

Reward: Heraldic

Airborne locations are places that spawn an aircraft, air balloon, or any floating building around the map. To complete this quest, you can land on Cloudy Condos, Shiny Sound, and Chrome Crossroads. Then, you can snipe other players below you to earn eliminations.

Get Chrome-ified while driving

Reward: Chrome-gratulations

This quest is straightforward as it requires you to drive in a Chrome-ified vehicle. We recommend doing this with a friend since driving around the map can sometimes be risky!

Land at Herald’s Sanctum and place top 10

Reward: The Herald (Burning Ember)

Anyone can land at Herald’s Sanctum. The real challenge is surviving until you can at least place in the top 10. Therefore, it’s better to complete this quest with a friend or squad to increase your chances of surviving!

Talk with characters and deliver The Herald’s warning

Reward: Nothing is Happening

This quest requires you to talk with NPC in three different places. You can track their locations on the map to get an exact point of where they are.

That sums up all The Herald quests and how you can complete them! Most of them are pretty easy. However, if you ever find yourself struggling, try inviting some friends to help you complete them! Good luck!

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2022

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