How to Complete In the Shadow of the Study Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Delve into darkness.

by Noah Nelson

In the Shadow of the Study is the first quest you’ll want to complete in Hogwarts Legacy if you are going down the dark witch/wizard route. This is because you’ll learn Crucio after you finish this quest. Here is how to complete the In the Shadow of the Study quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Study Quest Guide

Once the In the Shadow of the Study quest is available, you first need to find the Slytherin common room. Track the quest to locate it easily. Talk to Sebastian outside the Slytherin common room to begin the quest.

After that, you’ll talk to Ominis. Once you call Sebastian over, you’ll need to light all three braziers in the corridor with Confringo to open the door. Continue forward with Ominis and Sebastian.

Once inside, use Repairo on the broken pieces. After that, talk to Ominis. He’ll speak Parseltongue to open the next door.

In the next room, you’ll see two symbols on each gate. If you continue left and see the gate on the right, you’ll need to enter the room on the left, light the brazier, and then move the dial to match the two symbols on the previous gate.

Visit the gate near where you entered the room and memorize those symbols. Turn directly left and you’ll see the dial. When you have the right symbols, the gate will open.

Now, return to the room that the first dial opened. Memorize the symbols on the gate and then go inside the room you most recently opened. Use the dial in that room to open the last gate.

With all of the gates open, return to where Ominis and Sebastian are and push ahead. Pick up the letter on the right side of the door. Then, talk to Sebastian.

This is when you’ll learn the Cruciatus Curse. Of course, you can always pass up this opportunity, but make sure you know the risks of casting Dark Magic.

After Crucio is cast, continue into the next room. Pick up Slytherin’s Spellbook directly ahead and then talk to Sebastian. With that complete, leave the Scriptorium, listen to Ominis, and you’ll complete the In the Shadow of the Study quest.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 15th, 2023