How to Complete The Material Girl Challenge in BitLife


by Kara Phillips

Challenges in BitLife are incredibly quick to make players explore every possible feature of the game, like getting down and dirty with some of the more unsavory jobs or going as far as committing some crimes with the Death Note challenge. Still, sometimes these challenges focus more on the quality of life and how to make the most of what you’ve got. A perfect example of this would be the Material Girl challenge, which puts the player’s best foot forwards and ensures they reap the rewards. So, if you want to complete this challenge, read on to find out how. 

How to Beat The Material Girl Challenge in BitLife

Much like most weekly challenges within BitLife, you will need to complete five main objectives before you can complete the challenge. Each step of the challenge can only be achieved once you have reached 18 years old, so you are free to go through school as you please; just ensure you don’t apply for a full-time position as soon as you graduate. The list below describes every challenge you need to achieve before you can complete the challenge.

  • Marry 5+ Sugar Daddies
  • Never Sign a Prenup
  • Never Hold a Job
  • Buy $2m worth of jewelry while married
  • Purchase a yacht

The most crucial element of the challenge is never holding a job, which is regarding a full-time position. Of course, you’re free to work part-time to help make extra cash for extravagant purchases, but if you ensure your partners are wealthy and never sign a prenup to sacrifice your earnings, you won’t need to worry about work.

Another essential step is to spend two million dollars on jewelry, which can be done through the activities tab, scrolling down to shopping, and then picking a jewelry store. There are no limitations to what you buy as long as you have the cash, and given how many Sugar Daddies this challenge requires you to marry, you shouldn’t ever find yourself caught short. The same can be said for buying a yacht available through the boat specialty vehicle dealer. Once you have completed all the above challenges without signing a prenup or working full-time, you’ll be an official material girl.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 19th, 2022