How to Complete the Woeful Wednesday Challenge in BitLife

Mysteriously spooky.

by Kara Phillips

A huge number of weekly challenges in BitLife are based on popular media, from old TV shows like Gilmore Girls to family-friendly games like Pokemon, so it’s no surprise that this week’s challenge is based around everyone’s favorite Addams, Wednesday. Though this challenge may stray slightly from its source material, anyone with an idea of the Addams Family and their quirks will see the subtle nods throughout this challenge.

Though even if you’re not particularly confident in your knowledge of the Addams family, the Woeful Wednesday challenge is pretty simple to tick off your list if you aim to unlock Superstar Mode. The steps to completion can be done in a single lifetime, and you won’t face any threats, unlike many challenges you’ll face in BitLife. So, read on to discover every step you must take to complete this challenge.

Everything You Need to do to Complete The Woeful Wednesday Challenge in BitLife

The five steps you’ll need to take before completing this challenge start from the moment you make a new character. The first step takes your birthplace and gender into account since you’ll need to be born a female in New Jersey, but it’s a straightforward step to tick off the list immediately. The following list states every step you need to take to complete the challenge.

  • Be born a female in New Jersey
  • Become a Mortician
  • Have a Cello skill level of 100%
  • Own a Haunted Victorian House
  • Scare someone to death

Working on your cello skill can be done throughout school, given you have access to a part-time job and can buy a cello from the music store. In addition, rather than skipping through your school years, it’s best to study hard and stay focused to guarantee a good shot at becoming a mortician as a full-time gig when you are ready. Plus, since Wednesday is an intelligent character, it’s best to make sure your player matches her mannerisms to make the most of this challenge.

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When it comes to scaring someone to death, it’s best to make sure this is the last part of the challenge you complete since it will end up with your character going to jail. However, once you’ve successfully scared someone to death, the challenge will automatically be completed on your list, so you’re free to start fresh with another character rather than facing your jail sentence.

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2023