How to Counter The Immortal SMG in Destiny 2

Immortal is breaking the game.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

The Immortal is a new Strand SMG that was the new reward of Trials of Osiris last week in Destiny 2. While a chance to get The Immortal will come again when Trials returns, it seems like everyone is using the SMG right now because it has one of the fastest time-to-kill rates ever in Destiny 2. Because of that, you’ll need to know how to counter it to survive in PvP.

The Immortal SMG Counter in Destiny 2

Many Destiny 2 players are claiming that The Immortal is ruining PvP because of how broken it is. While a general nerf to SMGs might be looming on the horizon, the best thing we can do for now is learn how to counter SMGs, and especially The Immortal, as best we can.

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While The Hero’s Burden is an excellent SMG, and you can always fight fire with fire by equipping your own The Immortal, the best way to counter The Immortal SMG is by using Fusion Rifles like Iterative Loop.

Fusion Rifles are known for immediately deleting people in PvP if they are close enough and if you can charge up your shot in time. With that said, you need to find an incredibly fast Fusion Rifle that has a lot of range.

The Epicurean is a great option if you have one of those from a few seasons back and Iterative Loop definitely gets the job done. Whatever weapon you get, you’ll want to try and minimize the charge time as much as possible and increase the range as much as possible. Only then will Fusion Rifles have a faster TTK than The Immortal and be able to counter it most of the time.

The reason Fusion Rifles are the only accessible counter to The Immortal right now is because SMG users need to leave cover and get close to get their kill. When they do that, they leave themselves open to getting zapped by your Fusion Rifle. Just be sure to charge before they round the corner.

Other The Immortal counters exist and they are mainly found in specific Exotics and Aspects. Titans specifically have a lot of Exotics and Aspects that create shields in front of them while they sprint which can be great protections against The Immortal. However, regardless of your class, Fusion Rifles are the way to go.

- This article was updated on March 24th, 2023

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