How to Defeat Soul Eaters in God of War Ragnarok

The chest is a weak spot!

by Christian Bognar

With God of War Ragnarok‘s massive realms come many bosses that can be brutally difficult. Although most of these bosses you encounter are all different, there are some that you will run into more than once. Soul Eaters are a typical side boss that you will have to defeat in side quests, the main story, and to obtain specific resources. They can be tricky to destroy, but once you understand the strategy behind them, they become easier and easier to fight. This guide will provide you with a foolproof method that will kill the Soul Eaters at a fast rate.

Best Strategy to Kill Soul Eaters

Soul Eaters can come in many forms, but the premise behind them remains the same. The goal is to aim for the beast’s chest constantly, but only once the chest is open; otherwise, your weapons will not damage. Check out the image below for reference when we say to wait for an opening of the chest.


This boss will open up its chest, where a beam will shoot out, and you can tell that this attack is coming when you see a red circle flash around its body. When you see that red circle, dodge to the left or right, avoid the beam, and throw your Leviathan axe at the open chest. Continue doing this, damaging the Soul Eater as much as you can.

The Soul Eater will also release glowing-like orbs onto the ground, which you can pick up and throw right back at him, aiming for the inside of the beast’s chest. This will severely damage the Soul Eater, making it the quickest strategy to take it down.

Dodging its attacks while using your Axe to damage his chest and throwing the orbs back at the beast is the goal. The good news is that now that you know the strategy, the next time will feel like a breeze.

Some of these Soul Eaters in the main story are required to defeat, but it is worth your time to fight the optional ones in the side quests. Defeating these optional bosses can lead you to receive rare resources that can craft you the best armor sets in the game. Also, did you know you can receive resources by completing treasure hunts in God of War Ragnarok? Check out our guides for the Washed Ashore and the Vikings Gift treasure locations to reap the benefits you get from completing them!

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2022

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