How to Evolve Sinistea in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Time for a spot of tea

by Kara Phillips

As you venture across Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will encounter a vast spectrum of sizes of species. While you’ll discover the colossal Cetitan on Glaseado Mountain, you may miss some smaller species like Shroodle, specifically Sinistea. This tiny teacup Pokemon is easy to gloss past while running around due to its tiny size, but it can be a strong addition to your party. It may not seem like much in its first stage, but Polteageist packs a punch. However, evolving Sinistea into Polteageist isn’t as simple as many trainers would like. So read on to discover when Sinistea evolves and how you can encourage the process.

When Does Sinistea Evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Unlike Pokemon that evolve upon reaching a certain level, Sinistea needs an item to evolve. Much like its debut in Sword and Shield, you will need to collect a Cracked Pot to give your Sinistea to hold to trigger evolution. However, this Pot isn’t as easy to come by as walking into Delibird Presents and purchasing from their variety of hold items. The Cracked or Chipped Pot is available for the trainer to buy within the Auction House in Port Marinada, which you will venture to when facing the Water Gym.

Four potential auctioneers are in this location, and their stock changes daily. While they usually sell ingredients to make sandwiches or general goods in bulk like Potions or PokeBalls, occasionally, one vendor will sell a high-quality and somewhat rare item, which trainers should buy as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to the scale of how many potential things these vendors can sell, there’s no guarantee when the Pot will be available. In addition, there’s no way to pinpoint how much the item will cost. Therefore, it’s best to check back each day to see whether or not the Pot is for sale, and once you have purchased it, hand it to your Sinistea to trigger the evolution process.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2022

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