How to Explore the Library in Hogwarts Legacy – Minding Your Own Business Quest

This library is spooky.

by Christian Bognar
Hogwarts Legacy Minding Your Own Business
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Hogwarts Legacy “Minding Your Own Business” side quest is an exclusive quest for those on PlayStation consoles, and it brings you on the most bizarre adventure throughout the game. Your objective is to navigate through the Vivarium and the Library while the rooms are constantly changing at every turn. It is trippy but cool, and considering the Library can be the trickiest of the side quest, we are here to help you get through that part.

Navigating the Library During the Minding Your Own Business Quest

About halfway (or later, depending on if you tackle the Vivarium or Library first), you will come up to a large room with many books, otherwise known as the Library. Your objective is to get two lanterns by taking the route on the left or right. We are going to start with the left path.

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Left Path of the Library

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Head down the hallway until you reach a balcony, instantly turn around while on this balcony, and the room will shift. Go down the stairs you now have access to and across the next room on top of the next set of stairs. To your right, up above, is a lantern. Grab it and give it to the hand in the next room.

After putting the lantern in hand, the room will shift. Take a left from the hand holding the lantern and jump out the window to land at the bottom floor and run over to the staircase in the back left corner and head up.

Continue down the hallways. The halls may change, but not enough to take you off course. You will eventually reach the necessary lantern for the main door in the Library. Grab it and bring it to your hand and now head towards the path on the right side of the room, which leads to the second lantern.

Right Path of the Library

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Continue until you reach a ladder; try to take it, but this will cause it to break and bring you down to the bottom floor. This is supposed to happen. Take one of the open doors and continue. Eventually, you will begin running in circles in a large, square room. A ghost will throw objects at you, and once they do, turn around and retrace your steps. The room will change.

You will come into a boxed room. If you are using your Lumos spell, turn it off and turn it back on to be in a room filled with mannequins. Continue until you reach a jack in the box. Activate it, which will change the room. Kill all the mannequins in the next room and then grab the lantern to bring to the main door.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023