How to Find and Use Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite

Dial-A-Drop to victory.

by Michelle Cornelia

Fortnite always has a way of keeping their fans coming. This season, players have been showered with various new items, including Dial-A-Drop. This rare utility item lets you call for various supplies, which is helpful if you’re in a pinch! But where can you find one on the map? This guide will explain how to find and use Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite.

How to Find and Use Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite

The Dial-A-Drop looks like a walkie-talkie, and it can be found on floor loots and chests in random places. Since this is an epic item, only a handful is scattered around the map. If you’re struggling to find one, we recommend you head to Tilted Towers, Rave Cave, and Cloudy Condos, which are known to spawn high-quality loot. To make things easier, you can check out the map below to help you.


Although rare, it doesn’t mean you will only find this item in the three places above. Try your luck by entering random buildings, houses, or gas stations. There’s also a chance it might spawn from a regular Supply Drop, so keep your eye on one!

Once you get your hands on a Dial-A-Drop, you’ll be able to equip it like any consumable. Upon using it, you can choose from three types of drop: Supply Drop, Vehicle, and Healing. The Supply Drop one will give you weapons and ammo, while the Vehicle one will spawn a modded pickup truck. As for Healing, you will be given a crate filled with med kits and shield potions.

After you have activated your drop, a crate will fall from the sky. Similar to regular Supply Drops, you can loot it once it lands on the ground. Keep in mind that this might draw some attention, so it’s best to call the drop somewhere safe. Most importantly, choose your drop wisely, depending on the type of supplies you need. Good luck!

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2022

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