How to Fix the Invisible Player Glitch in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Lights out.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 Lightfall is suffering from a few growing pains including a new invisible player glitch. Whether you think Lightfall sucks or not, what does suck is not being able to see the enemy players because they are invisible… and not the Destiny 2 Void Hunter kind of invisible.

What is the Invisible Glitch in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

There is a new invisible glitch corrupting Lightfall right now. You know when you first load into an area like the Tower or Neomuna and the characters around you have that transparent glowing white outline? That is the Lightfall invisibility glitch, but it doesn’t get removed. And it’s affecting PvP.

An invisible glitch wouldn’t be too big of a problem if it wasn’t affecting PvP. In PvE, it’s not as big of a deal if you can’t see your fellow Guardians or their weapons. In PvP however, not being able to see your enemy Guardians is a big deal.

Destiny 2: How to Fix the Invisible Glitch in Lightfall

Currently, the only fix for the invisible glitch is to leave the game or activity and come back. This isn’t the most ideal fix, but players are reporting that they don’t see the invisible glitch for a while after leaving and returning.

However, the true fix for the invisible glitch in Destiny 2 Lightfall is to wait for Bungie to fix it. Luckily, Bungie is historically good at jumping on game-breaking bugs and errors and will hopefully do so with this invisible glitch.

Just sit tight, maybe work on grinding Strand Meditations, and visit the Bungie Help Twitter page to stay in the know. That is the best place to receive bug and error updates, patch notes, and hotfixes. Other than that, visit us for any help you need on difficult quests like From Zero….

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023