How to Get a Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy

They're just so cute. What's not to love from them?

by Michelle Cornelia
How to Get a Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy

Mooncalf is one of the beasts that exist in the Harry Potter universe. It is characterized as a timid, nocturnal creature with a smooth, pale-gray body, protruding eyes, and four spindly legs with huge flat feet. In Hogwarts Legacy, they are harmless, small, delicate beasts that will flee if approached by a human. Overall, they have an appealing appearance and presence that are hard not to get attached with. If you want to make one of these creatures your own in the Vivarium, ensure you know how to get a Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy!

How Do You Get a Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy?

Catching a mooncalf requires you to complete the “The Elf, The Nab Sack, and The Loom” quest, where you’ll receive a Nab-Sack, a spell used to catch beasts. After completing this quest, you can get Mooncalves by heading to the Mooncalf Den on the west side of Hogwarts. There’s a Floo flame nearby, so you can quickly teleport to this place from wherever you are on the map. Once you’ve arrived, you should be able to spot the Mooncalves by paying attention to the paw icon on the map since this is an indication of where the creature roams.


Before heading out to catch a Mooncalf, it’s essential to know that these creatures are nocturnal, so you’ll only be able to encounter them at night. Fortunately, Hogwarts Legacy has a feature that allows you to skip time by the time of day. You can access this feature by opening the map and selecting the “Wait” option on the bottom right.

Additionally, given that you can only hunt them at night, sometimes it might be hard to spot them when your surroundings are too dark. When this happens, you can use the Revelio spell to reveal your surroundings, which will highlight the mooncalves in a blue color. Once you’ve spotted one, quickly cast the Levioso spell to lift them and use your Nab-Sack to catch them. You’ll be able to release and take care of them in your Vivarium afterward.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 13th, 2023