How to Get a Shovel in Sons of the Forest

Diggy diggy hole.

by Kara Phillips
Image showcasing player holding a skull in a forest with a rusty helicopter nearby.
Image: Endnight Games

As soon as you step foot into Sons of the Forest, you’ll immediately need to take steps toward gathering materials, tools, and items to help your character survive and protect themselves from what lurks within. Although it doesn’t seem like the best tool or weapon to locate quickly, the Shovel is something you’ll rely on heavily during your gameplay, so it’s best to find it sooner rather than later.

Luckily, it’s a relatively easy tool to locate, but you’ll need to do a bit of walking to find it, and you’ll need some diving equipment and zip wire to access it. However, it seems like a lot of work initially, but it’ll pay off. So, read on to discover the exact location of where you can find a shovel.

Where is The Shovel in Sons of the Forest?

The Shovel is hidden within a half-submerged cave toward the map’s center, signified by three impaled corpses toward the entrance. Although due to the water, you’ll have to traverse to gain access to the cave, you’ll need to come equipped with diving gear if you want to collect the shovel and zip line since you’ll be traveling down into the cave system. The screenshot below depicts the entrance of the cave.


It’s essential to note that the cave will be filled with hostile enemies, so you’ll need to be prepared to fight once you’ve descended, but once you’ve gone further into the chamber, you can locate the Shovel. It’ll be next to a dead exactor wearing a yellow vest, making it a little easier to spot.

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While the task is slightly intimidating at first, the Shovel becomes an essential tool to benefit crafting and building, and with enemies hot on your tail, it’s necessary to be able to do things as quickly as possible to guarantee your safety. So, collect it before it’s too late.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023