You Have Sons of the Forest Questions. We Have Some Answers.

Sons of the Forest questions are looming over us.

by Gordon Bicker
Image showcasing player holding a skull in a forest with a rusty helicopter nearby.
Image: Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest is the latest release by Endnight Games and some people have many questions to ask. With a much bigger map for players to explore, you will be spending a lot of time getting through this environment. This article will take you through some of the important Sons of the Forest questions that fans have.

What Time Does Sons of the Forest Come Out On PC?

Sons of the Forest will officially release on PC at 12pm ET, 9am PT, and 5pm GMT. The game will be in Early Access form although you will be able to enjoy everything that the developers have included. It has been noted by the developers that the plan is for the game to be in Early Access for around six to eight months although nothing is concrete.

How Big is Sons of the Forest Co-op Player Limit?

You will be able to play with up to eight people in Sons of the Forest co-op. This is the confirmed number of people allowed and it should handle the majority of your group sessions with friends or partners. Unless you’re planning to have a board meeting or a high school reunion party in-game — the number of eight will likely cover your needs.

How Does Server Hosting in Sons of the Forest Work?

Server hosting for Sons of the Forest ensures that you have a dedicated server for only yourself or your group. Dedicated servers can be bought via third-party websites and then hosted afterward in-game for you to enjoy. These will mostly all be without the risk of DDOS attacks or other evil attacks that any online game can bring with it.

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Is Sons of the Forest Coming to PS5 and Xbox?

Sons of the Forest is only available for PC as of the time being. The game will not be on PS5 or Xbox at release and so if you are waiting for a console release you will have your hopes dashed with that. However, a release for PlayStation or Xbox has not been absolutely declined, there is potential that the developers may choose to make a version in the future for consoles as noted in an interview.

Is Sons of the Forest Compatible With Steam Deck?

For any Steam Deck users who were wondering, Sons of the Forest is unlikely to be fully compatible with the handheld device. Some specs of the Steam Deck are below the minimum specs for Sons of the Forest — such as a GTX 1060. Some optimization improvements based on getting the game to run nicely on the Steam Deck could be a way around this but it is unknown if the developers will provide that as of yet.

No matter what Sons of the Forest questions you may have had, we hope that you have found everything you were looking for here. For now, you can work out if you want to spend the cash needed to get the Survival game.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023