Sons of the Forest Map Size Will Be Four Times Bigger Than the First Game

It's not all about size, but Sons of the Forest is pretty big.

by Noah Nelson

As the actual release date of Sons of the Forest creeps ever closer, fans and newcomers are feverously looking for new details regarding how Sons of the Forest will improve upon The Forest. One detail Sons of the Forest is looking to increase is the map size. If you thought the first game, The Forest, had a large map, then you’ll be happy to hear that The Forest 2, which you know by now to be named Sons of the Forest, has a map that is four times bigger than the first.

Though bigger isn’t always better, it has been confirmed via an IGN hands-on preview that the Sons of the Forest’s map size is four times bigger than the map size in the first game. While we also got a glimpse at how your AI companion named Kalvin will work, we also were told that the map will be significantly bigger.

The Forest had multiple biomes including islands, dense woodlands, and tundra to explore. Though we don’t know every detail about the biomes in Sons of the Forest, from the images we can see that there will be islands, dense forests, caves, tundra, and more. Like the original, the landscape has verticality, a lot of lush greenery, and horrific monsters that make this challenging.

Fans are also curious if this bigger map in Sons of the Forest will have more landmass or just more ocean. While this is a valid question and concern, since the Sons of the Forest map will be four times bigger, odds are that there will be a little bit of both, a lot more landmass and a bit more ocean to match.

Of course, we don’t know anything for certain until we get our hands on the game and play it ourselves. If you want to play Sons of the Forest at launch you’ll need to have a PC because Sons of the Forest will only be available on PC at launch. If that changes in the future and for more details like this, we’ll keep you updated.

Sons of the Forest is available on February 23, 2023, on PC.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023