How to Get a Spike Pickaxe in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

You need four important materials to craft the Spike Pickaxe.

by Christian Bognar
Smalland Where to Get Spike Pickaxe
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Smalland: Survive the Wilds has players scavenging for necessary resources for crafting purposes to survive as long as possible. While players can acquire resources by mining and using any pickaxe, there are rarer resources that require upgraded pickaxes, such as the Spike Pickaxe. For example, players will need the Spike Pickaxe to mine Clay, an essential material for crafting a Clay Mortal—a sturdy building material. Here is how you can get the Spike Pickaxe in Smalland.

Where to Get a Spike Pickaxe in Smalland

You must collect the necessary crafting materials to get the Spike Pickaxe in Smalland. These materials are 5x Resin, 5x Fiber, 5x Iron Shard, and 5x Refined Wood. Once you have gathered all four of the necessary materials, you can craft the Spike Pickaxe and start mining rarer resources such as Clay.

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Where to Find Spike Pickaxe Crafting Materials

Below you will find how to locate each necessary material needed to craft the Spike Pickaxe. They are easy to find and won’t require much navigation, but bringing a Flint Axe along with you for the ride is vital, as Iron Shards need one to mine.

  • Fiber – Found when chopping down various short and tall plants and saplings.
  • Resin – Look for golden and orange Resin in saplings and trees.
  • Iron Shards – Found in the northwestern corner of the map, south of the Black Hornet Boss. You will find Scrap Metal here, which can be broken down into Iron Shards. A Flint Axe is needed to do this.
  • Refined Wood – Players can make Refined Wood using 1x Stonecutter, 1x Wood, and 1x Seed Oil. Use the Stonecutter on the Wood and Seed Oil to create Refined Wood.

If you want to get to these resources quicker, feel free to learn how to tame a Grasshopper—it is an easy process and can make traveling much faster. Once tamed, you can mount it as much as you like, and it will be your primary way of travel!

- This article was updated on April 5th, 2023

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