How to get All Trophies and Achievements in As Dusk Falls

Here are all of the trophies and achievements in As Dusk Falls.

by Noah Nelson


The first game from INTERIOR/NIGHT, As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama that features a cinematic story with incredible performances and a captivating art style. PC players are enjoying the best of both worlds as Stray and As Dusk Falls have been released today simultaneously on PC and their own respective consoles: for Stray, PlayStation, and for As Dusk Falls, Xbox. As Dusk Falls has released day one on Xbox Game Pass. Here are all of the trophies and achievements in As Dusk Falls and how to get them.

All Trophies and Achievements in As Dusk Falls

If you’re wondering how one could miss any trophies or achievements in a game that is basically a playable movie, As Dusk Falls will have you making uncompromising decisions that will change your playthrough each time. Certain decisions will open new avenues in the story, so it will take multiple playthroughs to get all 50 trophies and achievements in this game. Here are all of the trophies and achievements in As Dusk Falls:

  • And So It Begins… – Complete Chapter 1
  • Cop Out – Secret
  • Message Received – Secret
  • Tables Turned – Secret
  • Point Blank – Secret
  • Code Breaker – Correctly enter Dante’s safe code
  • Smooth Criminal – Secret
  • Bungled – Secret
  • Caught in a Trap – Complete Chapter 2
  • Paging Dr. Walker – Secret
  • What’s Your Emergency – Secret
  • Dodged A Bullet – Secret
  • Lifesaver – Secret
  • Keeping The Faith – Secret
  • What’s Done is Done – Secret
  • Unforgivable – Secret
  • New Dawn – Complete Chapter 3
  • Better the Devil You Know – Secret
  • Long Arm of the Law – Secret
  • Second Chance – Secret
  • She’s Coming with Us – Secret
  • Take Me Instead – Secret
  • Resurrection – Secret
  • Buried Alive – Secret
  • From Dusk ’til Dawn – Complete chapters 1-3 of As Dusk Falls
  • Into The Woods – Complete Chapter 4
  • Invincible – Secret
  • Once a Holt – Secret
  • Brothers in Arms – Secret
  • Hands in the Air – Secret
  • No Going Back – Secret
  • Trail of Breadcrumbs – Secret
  • Cabin? What Cabin? – Secret
  • Runaways – Complete Chapter 5
  • Bullseye – Win the darts challenge with the trucker
  • Plead the 5th – Secret
  • Heart to Heart – Secret
  • You’re On Your Own – Secret
  • Bonnie and Clyde – Secret
  • Cuba Libre – Secret
  • Jailbird – Secret
  • Past, Tense – Complete Chapter 6
  • Breaking Bread – Secret
  • Most Wanted – Secret
  • Stay of Execution – Secret
  • Enough is Enough – Secret
  • Into The Wild – Secret
  • Free Bird – Secret
  • Almost Made It – Secret
  • End of the Road – Complete chapters 4-6 of As Dusk Falls

You’re likely to complete at least 40% of the trophies or achievements on your first playthrough. The trophies and achievements have been hidden in order to protect the integrity of the story. If you want to know all of the revealed trophies and achievements, stay tuned at Attack of the Fanboy.

If you’re looking for more As Dusk Falls content, be sure to check out our As Dusk Falls page. If you are a fan of gaming in general, Attack of the Fanboy covers just about everything you can imagine. From Genshin Impact and Fortnite to Powerwash Simulator and Soulframe, we cover it all.

As Dusk Falls is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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