How to Get Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in Fortnite (Futurama Weapon)

Bite my Shiny Metal Raygun!

by Thomas Cunliffe
Bender's Shiny Metal Raygun Fortnite Screenshot
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Good news, everyone! The Fortnite x Futurama collaboration has introduced a brand-new weapon to the Island; Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun. In this guide, we explain exactly how to find Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in Fortnite so that you can obliterate any chump standing between you and your Victory Royale.

How to Find Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in Fortnite

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun can be found as regular floor loot throughout Fortnite’s Island. If you’re itching to get your hands on one straight away, you can also purchase Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun from Bender himself for 600 Bars. Bender is a lot of things, but he ain’t cheap.

Fortnite Bender NPC Location

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To find Bender in Fortnite, head to Mega City’s dock, circled on the map above. Everyone’s favorite bending unit is pacing by the dock’s edge, asking players to “Buy [his] Shiny Metal Raygun.” Very clever.

Bender has a static inventory, always selling Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun for 600 Bars. Bender can also be hired to fight alongside you, carrying his own Raygun and spouting quotes from the show throughout the match.

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I hired Bender the first time I encountered him and was surprised to find that he is, in fact, incredibly helpful. Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun is an incredibly powerful weapon, and having a second beam melting opponents earned me a 15-elimination Victory Royale without a scratch.

How Does Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun Work?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Pulled straight from Futurama (Bender’s Big Score, to be exact), Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun boasts unlimited ammo and a fire rate that will embarrass your opponent so much they’ll wish everyone else was dead.

Holding down the trigger briefly charges the Raygun and fires a continuous beam of Plasma that damages opponents. Reloading isn’t required, but firing for too long will cause the weapon to overheat and force a 2.12-second cooldown.

Despite being classified as an SMG, Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun can hit opponents at long range with no damage fall-off. For those that played Fortnite during Chapter Two: Season Seven, it’s very similar to the Kymera Ray Gun. Incredibly fun to fire, not so fun to be fired upon.

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This guide was written while playing Fortnite Chapter Four: Season Three (Wilds) on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on July 26th, 2023

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