How to Get Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Is it possible to get one of the most iconic starters in the newest game?

by Elliott Gatica

Not every Pokemon makes the cut when it comes to newer entries to the series. Since the whole ‘Dexit’ fiasco from Sword and Shield, we should expect this to be commonplace moving forward. Even some iconic Pokemon are missing, namely the first-gen starters. Of that selection, how can one even get a Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, for example? We can explain this below.

How to Get a Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While the Kanto starter is not outright present in the game’s Pokedex, you can get a Charmander two ways. You can either get one via trading or by participating in the 7-star Unrivaled Charizard Tera Raid that concluded in December 2022

So, to start off with the trade, you’re only looking for a Charmander via this method if you missed the event. People were able to get a Charizard and breed it, making Charmanders in the process. If you are someone who just got the game over the holidays, you missed this. If it ever does come back, we will let you know. You can try your luck and go into Surprise Trade and see if you get one! Results may vary. 

If you played the game prior to December and had a decent Pokemon to participate in the Unrivaled Charizard event, you technically and possibly have access to the popular starter if you beat the raid. Back on December 2 to 4 and again from December 16 to 18 in 2022, you can take on that event, facing a level 100 dragon Tera-type Charizard. 

If you beat it, you would either be able to catch it or let it go. Of course, this was only a one-time catch. You weren’t given the option to keep getting them after, but you have at least one. You were then able to use that event Pokemon to breed with a Ditto or other Pokemon of the same egg group. Doing so will get you a Charmander.

Since you now have one of those Pokemon in the lineage, you can now breed for more Charmanders to either get a shiny or trade them to other players for different Pokemon!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023