How to Get Food Tickets in Splatoon 3

Let's eat!

by Kara Phillips


The competitive side of Splatoon 3 relies on players to perform to the best of their ability, which is impossible to do on an empty stomach. But unfortunately, the only food vendor in Splatsville doesn’t accept cash, and with Food Tickets being one of Splatoon 3’s elusive currencies, players have been walking away with empty stomachs. Read on to find out how you can get your fill of Food Tickets.

Where to Find Food Tickets in Splatoon 3

There are four main ways to gain access to Food Tickets, which are all relatively easy for players to access. The most reliable way to receive Food Tickets is to progress through Splatoon 3’s Hero Mode campaign, where you may stumble across a few tickets in a smashed crate or when defeating Octarians. Additionally, a handful of optional levels will offer Food Tickets as a reward for any committed player.

However, if you’d rather have someone else to do the dirty work for you — Smallfry is more than willing. During the Hero Mode campaign, you can throw Smallfry at pools of fuzzy ooze to help “clean up,” which may occasionally return some Food Tickets alongside a mass of alternatively valuable items.

For a more active player, there are always a few shifts of Salmon Run to help work up an appetite. Food Tickets are among one of the prizes for a consistently-good performance, so given you put in the time, you’ll reap the rewards.

But if working for your meal isn’t your style and you feel like luck is on your side, then the Shell-Out machine may reward your efforts with the ticket to a hearty meal. Just don’t get carried away, as this machine can really burn through the cash you’ve saved up.

Cashing in your well-earned tickets at Crab-N-Go can provide you with some valuable perks for the next time you dive into a match. But be warned, these tickets can be hard to come by, so try not to spend them all at once.

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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