How to Get Forged Iron in God of War Ragnarok

Here's how to get Forged Iron to craft new gear.

by Diego Perez

Getting new gear is the only way to level up in God of War Ragnarok, and you’re going to need a lot of Forged Iron to craft armor at Brok and Sindri’s shops throughout the nine realms. Just like Rawhide, Forged Iron is used to craft pretty much everything throughout the opening hours of God of War Ragnarok. It will be replaced by rarer materials later in your playthrough, but you’ll still want to amass a large collection of Forged Iron in the first few areas of the game so you’ll never be unable to afford new gear when it becomes available.

How to Get Forged Iron in Ragnarok


Forged Iron can be found everywhere in God of War Ragnarok. The in-game Codex says that it is “found in coffins and chests,” and that’s fairly accurate. Every chest that you find in early-game regions like Svartlfheim will contain low-tier crafting materials like Forged Iron and Rawhide among other things. As long as you stray from the main path every now and then, forgetting about the main story for a while to complete Favors and find collectibles, you’ll have no shortage of Forged Iron and other crafting materials.

There are chests everywhere in God of War Ragnarok, so take your time to explore optional areas in between major story beats. The Favors in God of War Ragnarok are optional, but they’re so good that they might as well be mandatory. Plus, they’ll lead you to hidden chests that will help you strengthen your stock of crafting materials.


While there are a finite number of chests throughout the nine Norse realms, there is an unlimited supply of Forged Iron that you will get access to later in the game. After reaching a high enough level in God of War Ragnarok, Brok and Sindri will begin to sell Forged Iron and other crafting materials in exchange for Hacksilver at their shops. Make sure to sell off your treasures and unwanted gear to stock up on Hacksilver so you can buy any crafting materials that you need.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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