How to Get Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts

Where can you find this valuable Ore?

by Christian Bognar
Where to Find Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Golden Hematite is a valuable material in Wild Hearts that players can use for upgrading weapons and crafting new armor. While it is rare Ore, a specific location have a plethora of this material where you can farm a reasonable amount. Do you need Golden Hematite for your weapons or armor? We have you covered with a location and some tricks to farm them.

Golden Hematite Location in Wild Hearts

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you collect at least one Golden Hematite, the game describes the item as an “Ore found in Akikure Canyon that’s easily mistaken for gold.” So, in other words, you can find this Ore in Akikure Canyon, which becomes available in chapter 3.

Primarily, you have the best luck finding Golden Hematite inside the Northern cave near the “Buddha Cave” Dragon Pit. This Ore is usually found on the wall of the cave and has a yellowish-black tint to it. Run up to Ore and collect material to bring it back to the forge for your crafting and upgrading needs.

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Tips to Collect Golden Hematite Fast

A quick way to collect Golden Hematite and other materials in this area, is by crafting a Tskumo Ore Shrine once you have unlocked it on the Karakuri Skill Tree and have enlarged the nearest Dragon Pit to the appropriate size.

Having this Tsukumo Ore Shrine in the area will allow your Tsukumo to gather materials without you having to do anything. This means you can do other important tasks, such as hunting more Kemono, finding other essential materials in other regions, or anything you’d like.

After a certain amount of time, when you return to this Ore shrine, you can gather materials from it, providing you with more Golden Hematite. If you can afford it, a bonus tip is to set up as many shrines as possible, considering you can have more than one setup. This will result in even more materials.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023