How to Get Iron Leaves in Pokemon Violet

A new paradox to catch.

by Kara Phillips
Image: Nintendo

Facing paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is usually refined to Area Zero, except Iron Treads and Great Tusk, who free-roam in the desert, so it’s unusual for the two newest paradox Pokemon to be released into the game through a Tera Raid event. That said, it’s a new way for players to engage with the power of particular paradox Pokemon, which is exciting in itself.

Alongside Walking Wake, a paradox form of Suicune, Iron Leaves is joining Generation 9 as one of the newest paradox Pokemon. However, unlike your standard Paradox Pokemon, it has a unique way of capturing, so read on to find out how you can capture this new take on a familiar face in your game.

Where to Catch Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Starting February 27, Iron Leaves will be available for trainers to encounter and catch through Tera Raids across Paldea, these battles aren’t expected to be easy. Iron Leaves is a paradox form of Virizion from Gen 5 and is limited to only being available within Pokemon Violet. Although this is frustrating for Pokemon Scarlet players, Walking Wake is available exclusively in Pokemon Scarlet.

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Iron Leaves will host a dual grass and psychic type, with a Psychic Tera Type in every Tera Raid you encounter. Unfortunately, since it’s a paradox species, you won’t be able to breed it, so you’ll have to rely entirely on Tera Raids unless the species gets released into Area Zero at a later date.

Pokemon Scarlet players won’t have immediate access to this species due to being a title exclusive, but through the PokePortal and joining other players’ Tera Raids, alongside surprise trades, there are ways to continue bulking out your Pokedex with this species. That said, players will have to act quickly to get ahold of this species since it may disappear as fast as it debuts.

- This article was updated on February 27th, 2023