How to Get Luminous Alloy in God of War Ragnarok

Just another material to find

by Kara Phillips

Upgrades in God of War Ragnarok are essential to the gameplay, but you don’t automatically upgrade as you progress through the story. Instead, the game depends on players to find materials and resources throughout their journey to ensure Kratos and Atreus are consistently geared up to face the next daunting task. But regardless of how strong your weapon is or how firm your armor may be, having an equally capable shield is just as important, and much like everything else, shield upgrades come with a cost. Luminous Alloy is one of the materials you will need to pursue shield upgrades, so read on to discover how you can find some to start the journey to the workshop.

Where to Find Luminous Alloy in God of War Ragnarok

Since Luminous Alloy is another integral crafting material for things like Shields, you will need to get ahold of it early into the game. Luckily, it’s reasonably easy to find since it is predominantly located in chests and coffins off the beaten path. So, if you’re constantly on your toes and exploring every inch of the nine realms within the game, it’s a given that you will be able to find Luminous Aloy alongside other crafting materials frequently. When you focus on upgrading your shield with the materials you have gathered, you need to focus on one upgrade at a time since materials are valuable, and you don’t want to waste them.

However, Luminous Alloy can also be gathered by killing Barking Lizards, which also scatter a considerable amount of the map and can be pretty easy to kill when approached from behind. Additionally, sometimes you can find a more creative way to kill these enemies, such as using Kratos’ Staff and brute strength to drop a bomb suspended from a cliff onto some unexpecting reptiles. These creatures are small and fast, so you need to act quickly when attacking, but the supply of loot they drop makes it a worthwhile sacrifice.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2022

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