How to Get Shoulder Aimed Kills in Sniper Elite 5

It's a little trickier for Karl than it was for Leon Kennedy.

by J.R. Waugh


Sniper Elite 5 has several ways in which you can hunt and fight your enemies, with a wide array of guns to choose from.  While the game is built around precision sniper play, if you find yourself in a tactical bind and need to make quick, yet generally well-aimed shots aside from hip-firing your SMG, you’ll want to know how to aim from your shoulder.  Read on for our guide on How to Get Shoulder Aimed Kills in Sniper Elite 5!

How to Get Shoulder Aimed Kills in Sniper Elite 5


On any system, you’ll want to aim as you regularly would (RMB/L2/LT) be it with a sniper rifle, SMG, or pistol, but then press ‘space/X/A’ to toggle to a regular shoulder view.  While this isn’t ideal for long-distance precision, it allows you to snap onto a target much more easily at a close range, and it can be enormously helpful when aiming sidearms like the MP40, giving you that extra edge that’s otherwise more awkward when aiming down the iron sights.  Just aim from this view, and take some shots to get some well-deserved “unassisted” kills, although you can still use binoculars or your scope to quickly ping enemies to take down.  The main downside of this view is you can’t use Empty Lung.

Additionally, if you’re playing on the PS5, it has adaptive triggers turned on by default in the ‘Game Options/Controls’ settings menu, so if you lightly hold down L2, it’ll automatically aim over the shoulder.  You can also use this view to toggle the shoulder over which your camera will focus, which can help when checking your surroundings and planning out an attack from behind cover.  You can learn more about this function here.

This concludes our guide on How to Get Shoulder Aimed Kills in Sniper Elite 5!  Aiming from the shoulder instead of the scope or iron sights is the best way to aim while moving, so it’ll come in handy when quickly dealing with an enemy about to spot you.  Be sure to check out our other guides, and our review!

Sniper Elite 5 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.  Game Pass subscribers are also able to play this game for free on console or PC!

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