How to Get Sorush in Genshin Impact

Here's how you can find this helpful new gadget.

by Christian Bognar
How to Get Sorush Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact update 3.6 brings new quests and gadgets for players to dive into. One of these new gadgets is Sorush, which has more than one purpose making it a worthy new addition — but it can be challenging to locate. Sorush is also mandatory for seeking out all 36 Plumes of Purifying light, so if you want the rewards and blessings that come with that objective, you will want to find this new gadget as soon as possible. Read on to find out how to locate Sorush.

Where to Find Sorush Gadget in Genshin Impact

Players can find Sorush after completing the “The Splendorous Sky That Day” quest in the Girdle of Sands region. This quest is the first one in the Khavarena of Good and Evil Quest chain — new to the 3.6 updates of Genshin Impact.

Once players complete this first quest in the chain, they must talk to the Leader of the Skeptics – Nasejuna, who will automatically add Sorush to their inventory. Sorush can be accessed through the gadget menu of the game to use its abilities.

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Sorush Purpose and Abilities

Sorush can be controlled by the player and used to fly a short distance away. When controlling Sorush, you can fly upward and accelerate forward, making it the perfect companion for searching around the Girdles of Sands region.

Also, Sorush is the primary way to seek out all 36 Plumes of Purifying light across the Girdles of Sands area, which can then be turned into the Amrita Pool for blessings and rewards. Sorush can also interact with puzzles you usually couldn’t do by yourself, including Nirodha Fruit, Purple Mist, and Burgeoning Fruit.

Use Sorush to its full potential and discover all the rewards you can get at the Amrita pool by checking out our guide! There are a total of 17 rewards that the pool will give for your troubles with Sorush, making it well worth the effort.

- This article was updated on April 12th, 2023

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