How to Get Stonewood in God of War Ragnarok

Stock up on Stonewood.

by Noah Nelson

God of War Ragnarok has tons of collectible resources for crafting and one of the most important ones for mid-tier weapon upgrades is Stonewood. As you pick the best Leviathan Axe grips and Blades of Chaos pommels to upgrade, Stonewood will become increasingly important. Here is how to get Stonewood in God of War Ragnarok.

Stonewood in God of War Ragnarok

Unlike Beast Scraps, you don’t need to kill anything to get Stonewood. To collect Stonewood, you need to search coffins and chests that are off the beaten path.

Coffins in God of War Ragnarok are the red chests. They are found in every open, explorable area and are the best source for Stonewood. These red chests are often rewarded to you after clearing out a group of enemies or solving a small puzzle.

Legendary chests, or the glowing gold chests, can also contain Stonewood. While they can be filled with special items like heavy attack runes, they can also yield crafting materials.

The runic puzzle Nornir chests do not contain Stonewood. They only contain Horns of Blood Mead or Idunn Apples. While these items are extremely useful, if you are looking for Stonewood, Nornir chests aren’t much help.

Stonewood is only used for tier four and tier five weapon upgrades in God of War Ragnarok. Since you have to upgrade everything in chronological order, meaning you can’t skip to tier six just because you have the materials for it, Stonewood is essential for leveling up your gear.

Before you can even use your Stonewood, you’ll need to stock up on Rawhide for weapon upgrade tiers one, two, and three. Once you’re ready for tier four, you’ll need Stonewood.

Collecting Stonewood isn’t too hard. Just remember to search for red and gold chests. Who knows, while you are searching Legendary chests, you might stumble upon a Muspelheim seed half.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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