How To Get The Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors

If I could turn back time

by Kara Phillips

As you progress through Vampire Survivors and unlock the cast of characters and their coinciding weapons and abilities, you will be exposed to various weapons that will benefit your playthrough and allow using a weapon you probably wouldn’t think to initially. However, while most of these weapons tend to focus on a more offensive experience, the Clock Lancet is a valuable yet unique addition to the collection. Rather than causing any damage, this weapon will temporarily freeze your enemies and allow you a little extra time to escape the masses and carve a path out of the chaos. So, if you’re looking for a neat exit, read on to find out how you can unlock the Clock Lancet.

How to Unlock the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors

The Clock Lancet is an available ‘weapon’ to unlock by finding an Orologion during a match. These items are pretty easy to spot since they look like a clock and flash blue and yellow until interacted with, and they will only spawn when your character reaches level 4. As you move toward it, the enemies around you will freeze for a few seconds. Although it won’t immediately state that you’ve unlocked the Clock Lancet, once you’ve either played all 30 minutes of a match or lost all your health, you’ll receive a notification stating you have unlocked the weapon.

When used on the battlefield, the Clock Lancet will send out a freezing beam in twelve directions around the player, which will move clockwise, one at a time. These enemies will temporarily freeze enemies but will cause no damage. In addition, the Clock Lancet can evolve into the Infinite Corridor with Silver Ring and Gold Ring at max level. Similar to the Clock Lancet, it will freeze any oncoming enemies, but it will also halve the health of every enemy on the screen rather than leaving them with no damage.

Vampire Survivors is available now on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

- This article was updated on December 16th, 2022

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