How to Get the Finishing Touches Achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

Time to put on your hunting cloak for this adventure.

by Gordon Bicker
An image of the Player Character overlooking the Wizarding World.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Hogwarts Legacy has a range of achievements that many people will be hunting viciously for while playing through the game. One such example is Finishing Touches. Thankfully, this achievement isn’t missable so you don’t have to worry about that during your playthrough. This article will take you through how to get Finishing Touches achievement in Hogwarts Legacy.

Unlocking the Finishing Touches Achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to unlock the Finishing Touches achievement you will have to use ancient magic on every enemy in the game. This may sound like an extreme amount of work at first until you find out that it isn’t technically every enemy in the game. You will only have to use Ancient Magic on the enemies you will find naturally in the open world areas, caves, and camps (not counting single encounter story mission enemies).

This narrows the list down a lot and one of the best ways to keep a track of the enemies you have used Ancient Magic on is to use your Collection menu in the enemy section. Make a spreadsheet or use a notepad and tick off any enemies you use Ancient Magic on as you go, this includes their variants such as Thornback or Venemous for Spiders.

How to Use Ancient Magic in Hogwarts Legacy

If you are looking for a refresher on how to utilize Ancient Magic then your Witching/Wizarding self won’t have to wait too much longer. To use Ancient Magic you can do so when the blue (colored) Ancient Magic Bar fills up and then by pressing R1 and L1 on PlayStation, RB and LB on Xbox, or use the X key on PC.

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It will be fairly obvious when you can activate Ancient Magic but you may not immediately realize it is classed as Ancient Magic. However, now that you know what counts, you can get to flying fast on your broom and seeking out the foes you need.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023