How to Get the Front Toward Enemy Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Don't miss this trophy during your playthrough!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to get the Front Toward Enemy trophy in Dead Space Remake? The Dead Space Remake offers a ton of achievements for things like stomping on specific enemies, owning all weapons in the game, or completing specific objectives. Unfortunately, one of those trophies, Front Toward Enemy, is the only missable trophy in the game. So if you are farming trophies or achievements, you will want to ensure you don’t miss out on this easy one. Here is everything you need to know about getting the Front Toward Enemy trophy in Dead Space Remake.

How to Get the Front Toward Enemy Trophy in Dead Space Remake


The Front Toward Enemy trophy says that you must survive the Shooting Gallery. So what does this mean exactly? Where is the shooting gallery, and how do you survive it? You will find the Shooting Gallery on the USM Valor during Chapter 9. During this chapter, you will be tasked with salvaging the Singularity Core, but before you do so, head into the room on your right. Once inside, you will need to interact with the panel to start the Shooting Gallery.

However, your objective is not to shoot the targets but kill all of the Necromorphs that spawn during the 30-second quarantine. Therefore, you will need to survive the 30 seconds by killing the waves of Necromorphs. Once the quarantine is over, you will earn this achievement and have a bunch of unlocked lockers that will reward you with a Node and a Ruby Semiconductor.

Players report that they can cheese the achievement by performing another set of actions. Supposedly, all you need to do is pull the hanging uniforms by the main lab changing room located in the medical sector. However, these claims are unconfirmed, so we will update this once we have verified them.

Dead Space Remake is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 29th, 2023