How to Get the Silhouette Icons in Overwatch 2

Show them you're a pro with these icons!

by Michelle Cornelia
How to Get the Silhouette Icons in Overwatch 2
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you’re an Overwatch 2 fan, you’re probably keen to unlock all the silhouette icons for each hero—and who can blame you? These stylish image-based rewards provide a nice visual touch to your profile and indicate that you’re proficient in using that particular hero. But how do you get them? If you’re wondering about this, here’s how to get the silhouette icons in Overwatch 2!

How to Unlock the Silhouette Icons in Overwatch 2

The good news is that unlocking the silhouette icons is relatively easy. All you need to do is win 15 times as the hero associated with the icon. That’s it! Once you’ve won 15 times as a particular hero, you will receive the silhouette icon for that hero as a reward. 

You can keep track your progress on the number of wins you have for each hero by going to Battle Pass > Challenges > Hero > Icon. This will keep you updated on your progress and let you know when you’ve reached the 15-win mark.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to win 15 times in a row as a hero. Instead, you can win a couple of times, switch heroes, win a few times again, and then switch again. As long as you have won 15 times across various heroes, you’ll still receive the silhouette icons as a reward.

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In addition to that, it seems that the game will count your most-played hero for each match won. So, if you’re playing as Ana but switched to Moira at the end of the round, the game will count your progress as Ana.

To make the most of this process, it’s a good idea to set yourself up with a few heroes you’re comfortable playing as. That way, you can switch between them and make the most of each match. You don’t need to win each game in order to progress, but if you’re comfortable with a particular hero, it will help you to hit your 15-win target faster.

So, there you have it—getting the Silhouette Icons in Overwatch 2 is as simple as winning 15 times as each hero. Set yourself up with a few heroes you’re comfortable with, then switch between them to get your wins in Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade mode. Good luck!

- This article was updated on February 27th, 2023