How to Get the Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive in Destiny 2

Do you have what it takes to pull the glaive from the stone?

by Noah Nelson

The Vexcalibur is a brand new Exotic Glaive introduced in Destiny 2 today. To get Vexcalibur, you need to complete a secret Exotic mission in Destiny 2 that is really fun. Here’s how to get Vexcalibur.

Destiny 2: How to Get Vexcaliber Exotic Glaive

In preparation for the Root of Nightmares Raid, Bungie has released the Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive which is the perfect tool to hunt down and destroy Vex. Getting it, though, is definitely a challenge.

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To get the Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive in Destiny 2, you need to complete the NOCE.OVRD.AVALON secret Exotic mission. This mission was shadow dropped by Bungie this week and can be tricky to start.

We have a guide on how to complete the NODE.OVRD.AVAON secret Exotic mission, so go there if you’re looking for help.

If you need help knowing how to start the secret Exotic mission NODE.OVRD.AVALON, be sure to check out our step-by-step guide on it. Once you’ve located the Harpy in the cave, you can start the NODE.OVRD.AVALON mission and, once completed, get Vexcalibur.

The NODE.OVRD.AVALON mission is said to be a very fun one, so even if you aren’t interested in Vexcalibur, you’ll most likely want to start and complete the NODE.OVRD.AVALON mission since it is getting high ratings from the community so far.

The Recommended Power Level for NODE.OVRD.AVALON is 1800 which is also the Power Cap, but just before starting the secret Exotic mission, you’ll be informed that if you are lower than 1800, you’re Power Level will be raised to 1790 for the mission.

After you have completed NODE.OVRD.AVALON, continue to follow the steps required and you’ll get Vexcalibur. The question now is how does it complete with the other Exotic Glaive we got with Lightfall, Winterbite? On top of that, how do both Glaives compare to Deterministic Chaos, the Exotic Machine Gun acquired in Lightfall?

- This article was updated on March 7th, 2023