How to Give Bad Advice in BitLife

That's what friends are for!

by Kara Phillips
Image: BitLife

BitLife is always prompting the player to make decisions and pick scenarios without thinking about the outcome, which usually impacts your friendships, relationships, or life in some way. However, while most of these careful decisions can encourage your Bitizen to live their best life, sometimes you’ll fall responsible for your friends, which is a whole new can of worms.

You might not immediately think to give advice in BitLife when your friends, colleagues, or family are facing a situation, but it can help sort things out for the better. That said, it can also help a situation worsen if you want to take a more chaotic and malicious route. So, if you’re going to give your friends bad advice, read on to find out how.

Can You Give Bad Advice in BitLife?

Unfortunately, there’s no activity to select or prompt to trigger to be offered the opportunity to give bad advice in BitLife, and it’s down to a random life event. Your friends, family, or colleagues may come to you with a question at some point asking your advice, which could be anything from getting a new job to changing their name and leaving the country, and to provide bad advice, you have to select the most outrageous alternative from the prompts given.

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So while getting an opportunity to give bad advice is unpredictable, when you’re presented with the chance, it’s straightforward to complete. Of course, selecting the option with the worst outcome, such as telling a friend to leave their partner and move country, is bound to be bad advice, but as funny as this may be, you will face the consequences.

As with most relationships in BitLife, your actions will have huge repercussions, and giving bad advice may result in losing a chunk of respect from your peer, which takes some time to build back up. In some cases, this bad advice can ruin your friendship permanently, so stay wise about which friends you’re messing with otherwise, you might sacrifice everyone around you for the sake of the bit.

- This article was updated on March 11th, 2023