How to Complete the Amongst Us Challenge in BitLife

Don't act sus.

by Kara Phillips
Image: BitLife

Although they aren’t essential to enjoy BitLife, participating in weekly challenges can help you explore everything the game offers rather than just following a linear lifestyle for each character you create. For the most part, these challenges will also have a connection to pop culture or media, which also brings a sense of humor to the title.

The Amongst Us challenge, although not directly titled after a popular mobile game, is among some of the easier challenges players will attempt to complete, consisting of five relatively quick and easy steps. However, this challenge might be one to note if you want to achieve Superstar Mode as quickly as possible. So, read on to find out how you can tick it off.

Everything You Need to Do to Complete the Amongst Us Challenge in BitLife

The five steps you’ll need to focus on achieving to complete this challenge will start while you’re in school since you’ll need to be well-equipped to graduate from high school and begin the path to becoming a mechanical engineer. To guarantee a positive outcome, staying focused and studying hard while you can is essential.

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Along the way, you’re bound to make a few friends and have the opportunity to give some reasonably bad advice too, which ticks off two of the goals you’ll need to meet and leave a few of the more questionable steps. The following list states every action you must take, including the two mentioned.

So while this seems easy enough, when it comes to murdering your friends without getting caught, it’s important to know that it may have some detrimental effects on your relationships and friendships should you slip up and be seen. Unfortunately, the process of murder in BitLife is fairly unpredictable, so it’s down to luck most of the time.

Because of this, it’s best to save this step for last, just in case, since it’s hard to predict the outcome of whether or not your character will be sent to jail and have to make a break for it, or if you’ll be able to slip by unnoticed and continue your reign of faux innocence. But at least you’ll have another challenge ticked off and be one step closer to Superstar Mode.

- This article was updated on March 11th, 2023