How to Have a Perfect Relationship With A Pet in BitLife

Mans best friend

by Kara Phillips

There are numerous ways you can combat stress and sadness in BitLife, and while some players may be wise and visit a spa or work on their physical appearance to feel better in themselves, sometimes all you need is the love of a fluffy friend. There are several species of animal you can adopt in BitLife, including everything from your standard dogs and cats to exotic pets like snakes and birds, and much like a friend you meet or a family member, you can work on a relationship with your pets. However, things work a little differently with pets than with fellow humans in BitLife, so read on to find out how you can improve your relationship with pets.

How To Improve Your Relationship With a Pet in BitLife

Once you’ve adopted your chosen pet in BitLife, you’ll start with a reasonably low relationship, if any, so it’s essential to start working on it from the moment you get home. The best way to quickly improve your relationship is by going into your relationships section and finding your pet. Once you’ve selected them, you’ll see a menu offering a few options, including spending time with them or bathing them. In addition, you can take them on a walk, to a vet, or give them a treat. For a perfect relationship, you need the relationship bar to be entirely green and full.

Generally, spending time with them or giving them treats is the best way to improve your relationship quickly, but selecting these options in quick succession can also be pretty damaging, which is worth noting. Each time you select an action with your pet, a bar showing their enjoyment will flash up, and you want every instance to be green to symbolize your relationship improving. There’s no guarantee of the return of each activity, but continuously giving your pet treats or taking them on walks can cause frequent red and orange bars and damage your relationship rather than improve it. In addition, constantly feeding them treats can negatively affect their health, which is worth noting, especially if you’ve adopted an animal rather than bought from a pet shop.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on February 12th, 2023